Company Registration

Over the years, we have assisted several local and overseas individuals and corporations to incorporate their companies in Singapore. We have itemized a Top 10 things to prepare prior to registering and setting up a Company in Singapore.

1 Proposed Company Name - Provide us 3 most preferred Company Names. We will assist to check the availability of these names. In some circumstances, proposed names can be conflicted with other existing companies and business. An appeal may be necessary before the desired name can be approved and registered.
2 Shareholding composition - Provide us the list of shareholders. Shareholders can be individuals and/or even corporate entities. With effect from 31 March 2017, companies are required to maintain beneficial ownership information in the form of a register of registrable controllers; hence, it is essential for us to identify the beneficial owner(s) of the Company.
3 Board of Directors or Sole Director - Provide us the list of the director(s) forming the Board of Directors of the Company. Under the Singapore Companies Act, one of the directors must be a Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Residence, residing in Singapore.
4 Principal activities – Provide us the principal activities that the newly set up Company intends to engage in. These principal activities (maximum two) can be made reference to Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) code.
5 Share capital structure – Provide us the percentage holding of each shareholder(s) identified in Point 2. This structure spells out the price per share and the number of shares the Company plans to issue.
6 Registered address – Provide us an address where letters and correspondences can be sent to. Refer to our registered office address section for more details.
7 KYC – “Know Your Client” procedures are required by us internally to perform the necessary due diligence exercise. A customer due diligence form from us is required to be signed by the appointing director(s) and shareholder(s).
8 Verification of Documents - Documentary requirements are as follows:
Local individual(s) - Singapore NRIC
Foreign individual(s) - Foreign Passport (Notarized)
- Proof of residential address (Notarized)
Corporation(s) - Company business profile (Notarized and Legalized)
- Corporate Structure (Notarized)
- Constitution or Memorandum & Article (Notarized and Legalized)
9 Company Secretary – We have our experienced corporate secretarial team to act as the Company’s company secretary. Refer to our nominee services section for more details.
10 Fees – This is a final point to prepare. There is an incorporation cost payable to ACRA and our service fee for this Company registration process. All fees pertaining to the set up shall be settled in full prior to the registration.



A registered office address refers to the place where all communications and notices to the Company may be addressed, and the place where the Company’s register and records are kept.

A registered office must be operational and accessible to the public during normal office hours but need not be where the Company conducts its business activities.


Nominee Secretary

All companies incorporated in Singapore must appoint a Company Secretary within 6 months from its incorporation.

As the Company’s nominee company secretary, our roles and responsibilities to the Company and the Company’s Board of Directors are as follows:

• Ensure and remind the Board on all relevant statutory deadlines are met.
• Maintain the Company’s statutory registers and records
• Perform lodgment and file in time all necessary documents with ACRA
• Communicate with shareholders


Corporate Secretarial

We assist companies in statutory compliance in accordance with the Companies Act. Our corporate secretarial package is all you need to stay compliance.

Secretarial work

We also assist companies in preparation and lodgment of the following:
• Members’ resolution for special motions to pass
• Share transfer between new/existing shareholders (including E-stamping with IRAS)
• Share allotment
• Share reduction
• Amendments to Company’s constitution


Since 1 November 2007, companies are required to file financial statements with ACRA are required to file financial statements in XBRL format.

All companies (limited or unlimited by shares), including dormant companies, are required to file XBRL FS in accordance with the filing requirements. Click link to ACRA website to check who needs to file financial statements in XBRL format.

Contact us for our quotes for XBRL format financial statements for Full XBRL and Simplified XBRL.


Nominee service
– Company Secretary
- Provision of a named person qualified as
Company Secretary in accordance with
Companies Act
Secretarial services
- Preparation of Annual General Meeting papers
- Filing of annual return with ACRA *
- Maintenance (in electronic copies) of Company’s:
   • Statutory registers
   • Minute books
   • Other statutory documents
- Due date reminder(s) by way of electronic mail
Registered address & Mailroom services
- Provision of a registered address
- Mail management:
   • Open and scan to email registered with us;
   • Safe keep mails to a maximum of 3 months;
   • Courier service of mails ^

* Exclude $60.00 annual return fee payable to ACRA upon filing.

^ Courier service of mails is only applicable upon request and additional charges apply.